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Property care while selling your home

One of the most important visual aspects of a luxury home is the appearance of maintenance and care of the home. Deteriorated concrete walls or messy landscaping can turn away interested buyers. The service providers here are able to take a property from any state into a polished ready-for-market home that can sell for top dollar.


Staging and photography of your home

Whether the home is empty or is still lived in, the consultation of a home stager is essential to showcase the most marketable aspects of your property. A little furniture will go a long way.

Drone videos and photography of not only the home but the surrounding landscape is an essential part of what makes your home what it is, location, location, location. Unlike many other services, we will utilize all 25 pictures available on the MLS with the appropriate display tags.

Marketing & Presentations

What sets our services apart from the competition? Better Homes & Gardens Real Estate has a direct link to over 40 million subscribers and a platform to deliver your property showcase to the right buyers at the right time. Better Homes & Gardens Real Estate and most specifically our Distinctive Collection of homes cater only to properties valued above $500k. For properties under this, we offer a range of other listing options through Farm & Ranch, Community Realty, Urban Homes, and BHGRE Commercial.


Listing your home for sale

A home is a place of emotion and memories are built from these experiences that last will last you a lifetime. The personality and character of the home continue after our ownership and will transfer to another family to build lasting memories.

Our range of competitively priced listing commissions and state-of-the-art service make your home stand out among the other properties competing for the buyers in your market.


Next Step...

Request an agent tour of your home to evaluate the marketability and potentials. This is the first step to begin the process of showcasing your home in the luxury magazine marketplace for homes. Provided by the Distinctive Collection of Better Homes & Gardens Real Estate.